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Accuracy, features and quality at its best

Monday, 09 March 2015 13:52

S_Dial_WORK Analog Nano Bluetooth
NEW S_Dial WORK Nano Analog Series dial indicators, perfect example of the Sylvac high-tech knowledge. Much more than just another dial gauge, this instrument is simply positioned as the most incredible digital indicator available on the market! High accuracy over the entire measuring range (12.5 / 25 mm), resolution 0.1 µm and in addition of all the functions available, a very useful analog display helping the operator finding the reversal point, these are the highlights of our new Sylvac flagship indicator. Storing MAX-MIN values, for example when measuring concentricity and flatness but also tolerance monitoring are the other main features of our new product. Available now with integrated Bluetooth transceiver. Definitely worth a try!